Thursday, 27 February 2014

Introducing Portia

When our group started planning to sell our work at local craft markets we realised that we needed a ‘portable shop’ and that’s a bit more complicated than a permanent one.  The word went out through the group and in no time we had most of what we needed.  Gerlinde was glad to get rid of a large, light and roomy suitcase on wheels, I had a good portable mirror and some other display items from work and made a table cloth and banner.  Hazel had picked up a small light display model when a local shop was closing and so Portia – what else could we call her – became part of the group as well.  The portable shop collection tends to end up at the home of whoever packed up after the last market.

At present it’s all in my garage so when I finish something I can photograph it draped over Portia. 

Here she is wearing my new green linen jacket, a cool wool scarf and a necklet from my Christmas stocking.  Looks good on her but fits me better, she’s a bit on the skinny side.  The cool wool scarves look good now that they are finished and do live up to their name. 

The yarn is very smooth so it really is wearable on a hot day.  It could be called light wool as well, the scarves weighed only 58 gm/2 oz each, maybe it’s just that they’re mostly holes.

I’ve started making the woven bands into cases and they’re looking good.

The back rod for the green yardage has just appeared over the back beam, a great relief as it’s been of the loom for ages, time to start another project.

And an update on the last post on recycling – today I’ve been wearing a top which had been hidden in the back of the wardrobe for far too long, so far 4 people have commented on what a nice top it is.  It’s like having a new wardrobe.


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