Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Glenferrie Road Festival 2

Wendy and I survived our outing to the Glenferrie Road Festival with the Hawthorn Craft Market, our first outdoor market.  We had our own tent, just like this one across the way from us.  The weather was kind to us, just one shower early to show us where the tent leaked but not badly, and then it cleared to sunshine and blue skies.

We had plenty of space, the new items were finished and we were glad that we'd taken an extra small table for display

There was a lot happening - there were Chinese dragons with a very loud drum on wheels bringing up the rear

There were camels and camel rides.  I went to school just across the road but I'd never seen the school spire, on the left, with camels in the foreground before

There were lots of people, especially young families. The street was closed to all traffic including the trams, for about a  kilometer (half a mile) and was full of attractions and people

There were plenty of food outlets, the coffee was directly across the street from us, ice cream was nearby, we even managed to find a healthy lunch.

We didn't have any sales in the early part of the day but after lunch we made enough to make the day worthwhile and it was great publicity for the craft market.  All in all it was a good day and if it happens again next year, we would probably take part.  Given that there were lots of children, a weaving demonstration on a small table loom or inkle loom would be a great addition

A good day was had by all!


Saturday, 4 March 2017

Glenferrie Road Festival 1

I mentioned in my last post that our next market was at a street festival – actually it’s in Glenferrie Road – and suddenly it’s here.  The Festival is tomorrow and the weather forecast is exactly what I hoped for, mid 20’s, almost no chance of rain and a cool breeze, just as long as the forecast is accurate.

The paint box tea towels are finished, shown here from just on the loom

weaving in progress

to that wonderful point where there’s a fat roll of towels on the cloth beam

and no dramas with the last of the warp on the warp beam.

 I had the perfect ribbon in the stash

and manged to get 7 tea towels

and a hand towel/bread cloth from the warp.

I wanted to make something new just for this market and decided that triangle purses, more correctly tetrahedrons, made from left overs would be just the thing.
They’re not hard to make and become addictive very quickly although I had 2 problems – how to finish off the end of the zipper and finding a purpose for them.  Made from bands or leftover fabric, around 10 to 12 centimetres or 4 to 5 inches wide and twice as long, they end up a reasonable size – but for what?  As I was driving home the other day, inspiration struck, as it often does when I’m driving or under the shower.  They are just the right size for the collection of cords, USBs, chargers and assorted computer/phone/tablet bits and pieces.

It’s a great way to keep them altogether but I might have to put a warning on the label to warn of the consequences of losing all those bits and pieces in one moment of carelessness. They are also the right size for make up.

They could almost be used for these 2 little toy mice to go camping,

or for any other small treasures.  I hope to make a few more tonight but it’s hot upstairs where I sew and I’ve been avoiding it. 

I should go and get everything else prepared for the market but just had to include this picture of a Golden Orb spider

outside my window one night this week.  They seem to be active at the moment and make the most fantastic webs, I might have to nominate this one for the Spinners and Weavers Guild, but fortunately it’s not quite as big as it seems here