Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Glenferrie Road Festival 2

Wendy and I survived our outing to the Glenferrie Road Festival with the Hawthorn Craft Market, our first outdoor market.  We had our own tent, just like this one across the way from us.  The weather was kind to us, just one shower early to show us where the tent leaked but not badly, and then it cleared to sunshine and blue skies.

We had plenty of space, the new items were finished and we were glad that we'd taken an extra small table for display

There was a lot happening - there were Chinese dragons with a very loud drum on wheels bringing up the rear

There were camels and camel rides.  I went to school just across the road but I'd never seen the school spire, on the left, with camels in the foreground before

There were lots of people, especially young families. The street was closed to all traffic including the trams, for about a  kilometer (half a mile) and was full of attractions and people

There were plenty of food outlets, the coffee was directly across the street from us, ice cream was nearby, we even managed to find a healthy lunch.

We didn't have any sales in the early part of the day but after lunch we made enough to make the day worthwhile and it was great publicity for the craft market.  All in all it was a good day and if it happens again next year, we would probably take part.  Given that there were lots of children, a weaving demonstration on a small table loom or inkle loom would be a great addition

A good day was had by all!


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