Monday, 28 November 2016

A little weaving and a little gardening

I wrote a while ago about the tea towel weft I wound while my brain was occupied with recovering from a cold and I have to confess that it has turned out to be rather boring weaving.  Using the double harness attachment and a bright red warp on the big loom on the other hand has proven to be much more interesting.  I have finished the first of the red scarves and have started the second. I’m very happy with the first red scarf here

and showing more detail here

However it’s the last market for the year next Sunday, so I have reluctantly returned to the tea towels.  I managed to do the first 3 with small squares

but I’ve moved on the other designs with longer blocks

and fewer colour changes

in an attempt to get them finished before the weekend.  They are looking quite good in a slightly boring but classic way and will no doubt improve with wet finishing.  I rather like the idea of tying ribbons around them but then I looked at the price of even a simple unbleached tape at my local shops. I decided that at those prices the tea towels will probably have to stay unadorned.  I can find some really good ribbons on the internet but I don’t think they would get here by the weekend.

Earlier this year I replanted the garden bed at the top of my drive and included some kangaroo paws, called that, because they look like, you guessed it, kangaroo paws.

They are an Australian native, but Victoria is still a long way from their home in Western Australia.  They were just in small tubes when I bought them and I’m surprised how well they have done,

my only worry is that they are very close to the foot path, I’m hoping some passer-by doesn’t decide that they need them more than I d

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