Thursday, 30 July 2015


Back in March I put a fine dark teal wool warp in an overshot pattern on the 4 shaft loom for 3 scarves.  The first one

went to the Geelong Scarf Festival, the second had a delicate overshot in matching Tencel

and I started the third in the waves pattern in 3 related shades of reeled silk.  Then I did most of the plain weave centre section and stopped so that I could work on the 8 shaft loom for the Sheep Show.

This week I came back to the dark teal warp, did a little more plain weave, and with the pattern section at the bottom

completely hidden, started work on the pattern section at the other end.  I was very careful to make sure that the waves had their peaks and troughs in the right place.  Imagine my surprise when I took it off the loom a couple of days ago and the second end looked like this.

While I had looked at the draft to get the peaks up the right way, and even undid the first few picks because they were the wrong way, I didn’t notice that I’d used more than one pick of each row at the other end.

I guess I could call it a design feature but it would just annoy me, knowing that it was not what I’d planned.  Of course if I can take digital photos to use here, I could also take photos to record work I've part finished, especially when I know that I won't be returning to it for a while.  Fortunately,this morning I had a flash of inspiration – for a nice dark teal bag with different feature silk overshot panels on each side, a frame of dark teal wool, probably quilted, and with a matching handle and a bit of bling somewhere – that should be a better use for the fabric than making it into a scarf I would never wear.  Just need to find the time to play with it.

And for something completely different, I decided to try weaving chenille for a cowl.  I got it threaded and tied on last night and have started weaving. 

So far so good or maybe it’s just that the furry surface feels warm in this cold weather.  With luck it will be finished in time for the Hawthorn Craft Market on Sunday


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