Friday, 12 June 2015

Just because I can

Last year when I went to the Sheep Show, the heel kept falling off my boot and I had to stamp on it, very hard, to get it back in place so it didn’t slow down my looking and shopping.  I didn’t get round to replacing the boots last year but when they went on sale in the local shop recently, I just knew these would be a really good replacement.  And they are, comfortable, good fit, warm, non-slip soles, everything I wanted except they came with very thin and mean laces.  I knew I could fix the problem so here are my new boots with their kumihimo strawberry laces – just because I can. 

It's not easy to photograph shoe laces but they really do have strawberries on them.  See Alison Irwin’s article in Handwoven May/June 1999 if your boots too need more interesting laces.

I sent my scarves off to the Geelong Scarf Festival:
One in plain weave from a recycled silk shirt - 

One in huck lace in Cool wool

One in overshot from a hand dyed blank knitted on an Addi Knitting machine, looking something like waves as the theme was ‘Coastlines’

And one from the navy and silver herringbone unisex/mens series I did last year.  It received a Highly Commended in the Menswear category – I guess that goes some way to answering the ‘what is a man’s scarf’ question? 

It’s almost time for the Bendigo Sheep Show – that means the entries are in, the yarns are dyed, the warps are made - thank goodness last Monday was a public holiday - and now there’s just the weaving and sewing to do.  Probably time to start weaving rather than just writing about it

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