Thursday, 23 October 2014


When I was taking some photos for another post recently, I got out the roll of leatherette I use as a background and I noticed that the cardboard roll where it’s normally stored,

looked just like a large one of these.

Then I went home to set up a kumihimo braid, picked a couple of yarns that I thought would co-ordinate with the pearly square, and away I went.  When it was long enough to examine properly, I realised that I was reproducing the fabric roll – or was it the ice cream wafer? 

Probably the cardboard roll as they are both ‘Z’ twist, the wafer is ‘S’.  It wasn’t a conscious decision but was clearly influenced by thinking about the cardboard roll, and the wafers.  Funny how the mind works.

Here’s a warning for anyone foolish enough to use a tape measure with a paper guillotine

– and no I wasn’t measuring something 7 ½ inches wide, I was measuring something 3¾ inches wide – and managed to do it twice!


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